ICE roll out the red carpet with ground breaking movie trailer invitation

Since launching in May 2014, bespoke invitation designer Cinebop has harnessed the power of animation, video and special effects to make cinematic movie trailers for a number of major international companies. Now, having unveiled a new trailer for ICE 2015 based on its creative theme ‚Discover‘, Cinebop Founder & Director Jonathan Shine explains the production process and creative thinking behind the ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’ invite.

How would you describe the ICE 2015 trailer?
It’s an engaging experience designed to give viewers a taste of Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires, the creative theme behind ICE 2015. We’ve bought the idea to life with one of our signature dynamic invitations, using digital animation, high definition video and immersive audio to create a captivating movie trailer that takes us on a voyage of discovery and invites viewers to register for the exhibition. I would also describe it as a statement that sets the ICE brand apart from static print and other digital media invitations.

What were the challenges in completing the project?
The theme of the campaign takes inspiration from some of Jules Verne’s most recognised novels; Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and From the Earth to the Moon. We wanted to pay homage to Verne’s inspiring imagination by creating a variety of worlds, each incorporating elements from these novels, and take the viewer on a wondrous, playful and epic visual journey. This in itself reflects the nature of the ICE exhibition, where innovation, creativity and new technology merge under the umbrella of one event providing visitors with a chance to discover the unexpected.

Jonathan Shine, Cinebop Founder & Director
Jonathan Shine, Cinebop Founder & Director
Can you give us some insight into the creative process?
We always begin with research, which is by far the most important stage. From there we play around with dramatic phrases for the voice-over that we feel will compliment the nature of the event, which helps us craft an engaging script. Then we start to build a visual story, which in the case of ICE 2015 is based around the journey of a hot air balloon because of its place within Jules Verne’s ‚Around the World in Eighty Days‘. Once we have these elements in place, we set about creating a storyboard, selecting potential musical scores and finding the right voice. Then comes production, which involves a variety of creative techniques depending on the visual style we’ve adopted. While the trailer is in production we also begin designing the custom webpage where invited delegates watch the final sequence and provide their RSVP or click through to register for the event.

How would you describe the end result – what has been achieved?
It may be a little early to say, but we’d like to think we’ve embraced the brief in it’s entirety and delivered an epic invitation that’s going to drive registration and generate publicity for the upcoming event.

What is the power of the genre as a marketing tool?
We recognise that an invitation provides the ideal opportunity to market an event to a target audience, with the potential to drive ticket sales, registration and event attendance. But where print media offers a call to action, our movie invitations pick people up, take them on a journey and deliver them to the required destination. Cinebop’s invitations maximise this potential with dynamic video content, epic voice-overs and music scores which are usually associated with ‚Big Screen Blockbusters‘, and while it retains the function of a call to action, the multimedia format of our invitations allow for a wider distribution network. With the capacity to reach a wider audience and generate greater publicity, this increases the product value, and makes Cinebop’s invitations a powerful marketing tool.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
What is the functionality of a Cinebop trailer invite – how does it work?
The functionality takes place within our online content delivery platform, Maestro, which is really the power behind Cinebop. We’ve developed it with event organisers and marketers in mind and given it a high level of customisation, which includes uploading guest-lists, defining RSVP options, sending reminders and monitoring attendees, as well as delivering device responsive video content. It enables us to tailor the end-user experience to suit any kind of event, create a branded webpage and customise any call to actions the client requires.

How far were Clarion willing to go with the ICE 2015 trailer?
There’s no doubt they’re pushing the envelope when it comes to marketing a B2B expo. By embracing such a creative approach, exploring new marketing opportunities such as Cinebop, and delivering an experience that captivates their audience, Clarion’s campaign for ICE 2015 is sure to make the expo stand out from the crowd.

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