Australia’s AMCA to Crack Down on Curacao-based Offshore Operators

Australia’s Media and Communications Authority AMCA has entered into talks with officials from the Curacao's Gaming Control Board (CGCB), regarding the offering of games of chance to Australia-based B2C customers.

From the perspective of the Australian laws, the offering of gaming services without a domestic license is illegal. The AMCA as the authority in charge has engaged in blocking illegal websites since the early days, leading to around 950 Curacao-licensed or -operated websites being blocked for Australian players currently. Despite the fierce approach towards online gambling services, the AMCA has had hard time to get through to the Curacao government on that matter, for years.

Now, as announced by an AMCA spokesperson, things in regard to the international collaboration with Curacao authorities have significantly improved and officials from both government agencies have agreed to cooperate more closely, in order to counter illegal gambling activities.

The change of mind o comes with the establishment of the CGCB and the new licensing regime in Curacao at the door, providing for a more sound, robust and reliable regulatory framework for offshore gaming. The new licensing regime is expected to come into force during the year 2024, with the CGCB accepting applications for licences under the new regulation already.

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