Gauselmann’s MERKUR CASINO and DLV of Latvia form joint venture focusing on the Baltic region

ESPELKAMP/RIGA. On Friday August 19, 2005, Rolf Klug, Board Member of the Gauselmann Group and responsible for the MERKUR International segment, Rolf Falke, CEO of Merkur Casino and Mikhail Volokotkin, CEO of the Latvian DLV Group, determined their future partnership with a cooperation agreement to expand in the Baltic region.

Igor Molchanov (DLV), Rolf Falke,<br> Rolf Klug, Mikhail Volokotkin (DLV) DLV is by no means unknown to the Gauselmann Group: the Stella International subsidiary which now operates under the “Merkur Gaming” umbrella, has been working closely for years with the Latvian coin-operated amusement machine manufacturer and distributor, who operates a total of 50 of its own amusement centres in Latvia.

Whilst Merkur Casino is investing invaluable operative know-how in the field of machine management – product marketing and controlling – in the new partnership, DLV CEO Mikhail Volokotkin’s contribution will be to assist in ensuring that the Merkur sun shining in Latvia and soon the neighbouring Baltic states in the near future. The new amusement centres of the joint venture will be operated under the “Merkur Casino” label.

“Following our successful penetration of the southern eastern European markets”, said Rolf Falke, “focus on the Latvian market is in consistence with our expansion in Eastern Europe. A strong footprint in the Latvian market offers us a strategic base with a view for further expansion into the two other Baltic countries, Estonia and Lithuania, together with our strategic partner DLV.