Novomatic congratulates ISA-CASINOS on great success

Prof. Graf says ISA-Casinos is one of the best information platforms

Gumpoldskirchen (Novomatic) With the ISA-Casinos web portal Reinhold Schmitt has created one of the best information platforms in the international casino industry and has every right to be pleased with the great success of the 1,000,000th visitor to the site. I must congratulate him most sincerely on this achievement of building a fast, comprehensive and reliable information medium, which has established itself in the top rank of the international casino media world, said Novomatic founder and majority shareholder Prof. Johann F. Graf on Monday.

The President of the Board of Directors of Novomatic AG, Dr. Franz Wohlfahrt, emphasised the importance of efficient and fast information in the decision making processes in large groups of companies. It is very helpful to be able to rely on qualified partners like ISA-Casinos and I am pleased that the Novomatic Group of Companies supported ISA‘s casino platform from the very beginning and has further expanded this co-operation to this day“, concludes Wohlfahrt.