Unicum Appoints Peter Moffitt as Vice President of R&D and Sergey Kazakov as Marketing Director

Moscow – Unicum Group of Companies announced today that it has appointed Peter Moffitt as Vice President of R&D. Mr. Moffitt will spearhead Unicum’s product development division focusing on strategic planning, development and integration of new products and technologies.

Mr. Moffitt brings over 13 years of extensive international experience of the gaming industry. Before joining Unicum, Mr. Moffitt founded Bounty Ltd; he was immersed in the technology of the industry and the running of a gaming company. He has technical background and great experience of running real-time gaming operating systems having developed and delivered systems himself. Mr. Moffitt also has a detailed knowledge of the gaming industry’s ‘landscape’ and competitor companies. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director and a Post-Sale Technology & Operations Consultant in the Odyssey Gaming Technology Pty Ltd. There he was taking a duty of a supervisor and advise chief executive officer, providing strategic guidance of company and working on professional services concepts and technology selection and implementation. Along with Mr. Moffitt’s previous experience in business management and his success as a developer in the gaming industry, he served as an Operational Manager of Engineering Teams developing mission-critical real-time transaction and reporting system for brokerage business.

“Peter has the right combination of the industry knowledge, strategic thinking, technological background and skills to grow our business to the next level,” said Boris Belotserkovsky, president of Unicum. “We are excited to have Peter leading our R&D team to develop innovative strategies and pursue new initiatives.”

Moffitt holds a master degree from California State University, and has received an MBA in business administration from Loyola Marymount University, California, USA.

Another new member of Unicum’s management team is Sergey Kazakov, who has joined the company as new marketing director. Kazakov brings over 10 years of marketing and management experience to his new position at Unicum.

Sergey served as chief marketing officer for Candy Elettrodomestici S.r.l., a manufacturing company of home appliances. Prior to Candy, he led business development activities for Maytag company, where he was responsible for marketing activities in the CIS countries, including building sales, brands and after-sale support for customers in the former Soviet Union.

„Today it is a major strategic appointment in Unicum due to the expansion of Unicum’s businesses,“ said Yury Larichev, vice president of Unicum. „During the past 14 years Unicum has developed and provided a unique variety of products for gaming halls, casinos and entertainment operators. Sergey’s expert knowledge of marketing will ensure that our solutions address the evolving needs of operators, consumers, and the industry. We are pleased to have him join our team of leading branding and promotional veterans and help expanding the company’s activities in distribution markets.“

About Unicum

Unicum Group of Companies distributes and develops slot machines, equipment and technological solutions for the gaming and entertainment markets. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, offices in Saint-Petersburg, Riga and Kiev, Unicum can be found on the Internet at www.unicum.ru/english