New reports: Gambling in Las Vegas

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) Hello Casinofriends and readers,

We are going to write reports for you in the forthcoming time, that you could use either as a good utility like a starting point assistance for your planned Casino’s visits in the U.S.A. in future, or it will reveal you the distinct differences between a Casinosystem, that we already know in Europe, through government’s controlled and stipulated concession upon Casinos, compared to a relatively privatised marked, on which competition rules and where the market takes place. Hence this will bring you an outstanding comparing possibility, and we want to ask you, to regard at it as a whole from a neutrally sight, to make up your own mind about, in order to have sometime the opportunity to compare both with your own sight.

Let us go back a bit and remind us, some 20 years ago, at that time Roulette was the game number 1 in Europe. French Roulette was the absolute number One. Later also Black Jack grossly became more important in its notion. Meanwhile Slot-machine gambling has become a very significant segment within the Casino business, and Live Game took place as a grossly change from once more relaxed gambling on a high level (French Roulette) to a exceedingly faster gambling as the American Roulette, Poker, Black Jack. Permanently there were coming new games on the market and make visitors become enthusiastic about it. “To stand still has the meaning of a step backwards” – under this motto in the casino sector there is permanently been searched for new possibilities, in order to satisfy the guest and his demands. So we are pacing always further into a new future full of changes. Even changes took place at Black Jack to this extend, that instead of the Croupiers a machine took over the shuffling, and so led to a game without unnecessary interruptions. The slot-machine gambling became massively more modern and interesting than former Progressive Slot-carrousels were attractive to fortune’s knights and multi-game gadgets offered games for everybody. Video-poker appliances with up to 10 gamblers simultaneously or even more (50-Play and 100-Play gadgets are already launched), offered game-fun at its maximum to the video-poker professional. Nevertheless it so made Live Gambling what it is, that imparts the adequate atmosphere in a Casino.

Maybe that we are going to go through even more changes in the future. Who knows, how long Live Game is going to exist like in the form until know. That the slot-machines have grossly become to a attraction, means, that there are more slot-machine gambler but less guests, who are sitting at the Black Jack. But this means not at all, that Live Game is not important. Without Live Game there eventually is a loss of the atmosphere within a Casino. Nobody likes to gamble in a hall, whereas it is filled with rows of slot-machines and one could hardly hear it’s speaking over the manifold noisy gadgets and the noise of clinging coins. It is then a pleasure, when ones could in meantime hear from time to time a ball and the calls of gamblers at the Roulette table, who are announcing their turn to bid to be placed. This is Casino-Action.

At the beginning we would like once to write a series about Las Vegas for you. We like to give the forthcoming visitor or the back-coming Vegas Fan a few tips for his way, just to make its stay as convenient as possible. And for the professional Poker gambler we have prepared as well a few pretty interesting information, which could help him in order to plan how he gets his budget and his maximum profit out of the town. For the Non-Poker Gambler there it will be as well of course some useful tips among, that would make him the city a bit more familiar and so that he can sea that Las Vegas doesn’t only exists out of the Las Vegas Boulevard and that the true attractiveness of this city of course could be also somewhere else there instead, too.

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