Growing trend towards mobile betting

Shortly after launching their new online products, a growing trend become apparent for turnkey solution provider Wingo: Customers lean more and more towards mobile betting solutions for Apple iPhone, Android Smartphones and Apple iPad. Especially a younger, technology-enthusiastic demographic can be reached with this convenient way of placing bets.

“Smartphones are a part of lifestyle and are an essential companion as well as a hip status symbol. With wingo.smartweb we offer these customers a modern product which meets the current demands and leaves nothing to be desired!”

Wingo is reaffirmed, that mobile betting is a vital addition for every modern betting shop.

„wingo.smartweb enables the customer to place sports and live bets spontaneously – Whether on the go, while watching a football match on television with friends, or directly in the stadium. With wingo.smartweb you have a betting shop in your pocket.”

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