Technology from Austria defines Swiss casino standards

Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) supply nearly 60 per cent of gaming machines

The new Swiss casino operations have achieved exemplary status throughout Europe not only in terms of legal regulation and control, they will also be setting new international standards in slot gaming and electronic live games. Standards that are defined by Austrian cutting-edge casino and slot gaming technology, as Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) supply nearly 60 per cent of the new gaming devices, giving the company undisputed market leadership in Switzerland, says AGI managing director Jens Halle. According to Mr. Halle, the enormous amount of trust placed by the new Swiss casino operators in the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Novomatic Group of Companies is based on a large number of factors:

  • The quality of the most advanced technology in the industry, into the development of which AGI invests nearly 10 per cent of its annual revenues;
  • The game design and new intriguing bonus features of the newest generation of Novomatic machines ensure high player appeal world-wide and will constitute a solid foundation for the new Swiss casinos to build a reputation for gaming excellence;
  • Full-range services and maximum reliability to which the entire Novomatic Group is constantly committed;
  • Many years of experience of both Novomatic and AGI with the high requirements of the Swiss market and the exquisite taste of Swiss casino patrons;
  • The most comprehensive product range in the casino industry incorporates customised gaming devices to cater to the diversity of casino operations with a wide selection and commitment to quality excellence throughout the product line.

The 700 machines to be supplied to both „A“ and „B“ licenced operations are a well-accepted challenge to the production capacities of the Austrian creator of technology. The deliveries will incorporate the leading products in electronic live games such as Multi-Player Roulette™ systems and Touchbet™Live Roulette installations as well as the newest StreamLine™ Series which thanks to their ultra-slim design will make the Swiss casinos the most elegant modern gaming facilities in the world, concludes AGI´s Managing Director.