Updated 3rd edition of MECN’s benchmarking report on the global lottery industry

Article by Martin Oelbermann

MECN presents the third updated and expanded edition of its unique lottery benchmarking study

London/Munich, 11. October 2011 – For the third time since 2007, MECN is updating and expanding its unique and well-received benchmark study of the global lottery industry. The study again provides a wealth of information on lottery-specific industry benchmarks far beyond existing sales comparisons. In addition, the third edition includes many new analyses, in particular, a greater number of analyses of the Internet/interactive segments and the benchmarking of responsible gambling measures.

To compete successfully in the global marketplace, lotteries want to know as much as possible about benchmarking and success factors, as WLA benchmarking seminars and several regional initiatives have repeatedly shown. MECN is therefore proud to present the third edition of its study „Lottery Benchmarking and Success Factors“. The updated study includes:

  • New in 3rd edition – Many more analyses of the Internet/interactive segments incl. product breakdown (Internet lotto, betting,…), mobile business, active users, …. In total, the analyses of the interactive segments now make up one third of the entire report.
  • New in 3rd edition – For the first time we analysed the highly sensitive topic of benchmarking responsible gambling measures (e.g., age limits and verification systems, …) and best practices.
  • 2009 and 2010 data – Analyses of data from ca. 120 state/public lotteries and operators for the years 2009 and 2010.
  • Sales-related benchmarks – Total sales and product-related sales (e.g., lotto, betting, instant, …) benchmarks such as per-capita sales analyses.
  • Sales channel benchmarks such as number of residents and sales per outlet, interactive/Internet sales per capita, …
  • Marketing benchmarks such as marketing/advertising expenses in % of total sales, optimal media mix of the ad budget, …
  • Operating expenses benchmarks such as operating expenses in % of sales broken down into human resource (e.g., average personnel expense, sales per employee), IT and communications, and other benchmarks.
  • Success factors of the lottery business – The analysis of success factors is based on an updated survey conducted among ca. 40 lottery executives.
  • Best practices – For each benchmark area we provide updated best practice case studies of the leading lotteries.

In total, the report has 110 pages and more than 100 graphs/ exhibits.

The study can be obtained at: http://www.lottery-benchmarking.mecn.net