goes on transmission

ISA-CASINOS.DE goes on transmission

Pforzheim/Berlin – Germany – the Casino portal goes with its own Internet radio on transmission. Thus the enterprise sets a further indication of innovative development and follows the trend of the customer needs.

Head of the company Schmitt avowedly that the Internet radio not only when addition of worth is serving, but it is particularly to serve the maintenance medium-term also as information stock exchange and advertising platform within the range of the Casino information.

„We settled the transmission line in Berlin. From there the ISA-CASINOS own program coordinated „describes Schmitt the new transmitter. The music color is defined at present and suitable DJ‘s is enlisted. The transmission places are specified and published shortly. Professionalism in handling contents and the selection of popular music is dedicated thereby highest attention.

„With the ISA-RADIO we present a meaningful addition of our information border, because the radio can be heard with desire also outside of the ISA-CASINOS own Internet portal“ supplements Schmitt with the denomination of the characteristics. Nevertheless Internet presentation and ISA-RADIO remain closely connected; the DJ‘s are present during the Live streams in the ISA-Chat, which each visitor can reach under Thus there is a direct contact between listeners and transmission.

ISA-RADIO becomes over one sucked. Stream sent. The moderators send its music and presentation on a suitable server, by which then the transmission can be called up. The technical facilities for hearing the radio are conceivablly small: Beside a sound map and a loudspeaker the presence of a so-called streamfaehigen radio program is necessary. ISA-CASINOS here the copy of the very popular „Winamp“ recommends. This audio program is free, gets along with other sound programs already installed and can under the address be loaded.

Over on the ISA-CASINOS homepage made available Button the radio program can be brought in, the information chain of ISA-CASINOS.DE closes after installation of the necessary software.

ISA-RADIO is announced both with the German GEMA and with the GVL and sends thus in the context of German and international regulations.

Further information – in particular regarding possible advertising circuits or moderator applications – can be queried under

„We will shortly also a supplement presentation to ISA-RADIO make available, around also here the direct contact to our visitor, customer and listener intensify“ supplement Schmitt lock with the presentation its young branch.