Australian Government Cracks Down on Online Gambling with Credit Card and Crypto Ban

Australian government’s ban on gambling sites accepting credit cards and crypto is now effective. Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) has announced that users can no longer use credit cards to pay for any online betting.

The measure also supports existing management tools for safe gambling by RWA members, and so ensures the protective measure will include all forms of gambling, even those exempted by the ban.

The ban on credit cards follows other government measures intended to curb problem gambling, including launching BetStop, a self-exclusion register, and mandating ID pre-verification for all online gambling accounts.

The government announced late last year the ban on using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, with companies having six months to comply. That window of time has now expired; therefore, they can no longer be used to place online bets in Australia. Online gambling portals could face fines of up to $155,000 for flouting the rules. A dedicated gambling watchdog has also been given expanded powers to enforce the restrictions.

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