Gambling ads restrictions in Bulgaria

With a vast majority, the Bulgarian Parliament has passed the bill, presented only last week, which introduces changes to the Gambling Law in force, by banning advertising of gambling in all broadcasts and print media, including websites. Only advertising on billboards and on gaming halls and casino buildings.

The amendments also provide for 10% of the area covered by the advert to be occupied by a warning on the risks of addiction to gambling. Operators will have to pay a levy towards the funding of a responsible gaming commission and the costs of gambling addiction treatment. Operators will also need to implement adequate tools limiting gaming time.

Moreover, measures preventing hosting illegal gambling sites as well as payments to illegal gambling operators are included in the legislative package. In addition, gambling with slot machines and in casinos is restricted to settlements with a population exceeding 10,000 inhabitants. However, exceptions are made for national resorts and areas within 30 km of Bulgaria's border checkpoints.

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