Upcoming Breakout Sessions and Panel Discussions in Madrid and Rome hosted by Chevron Group: A Must-Attend for iGaming Professionals

The upcoming week is set to be an exciting one for the gaming industry, with breakout sessions and panel discussions taking place in Madrid and Rome. These events will provide valuable insights into various aspects of the iGaming environment, offering attendees the opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with like-minded professionals.

We are going to start the week with hosting breakout sessions at Gaming in Spain Conference on Monday, 6th May 2024 in Madrid. It will be an insightful day filled with presentations, panels, and workshops. The agenda kicks off with a presentation on market and marketing intelligence for the Spanish iGaming environment by Mario Chamorro Acosta from MDF Partners. Following this, a panel discussion on eMoney and cash conversion, moderated by Jochen Biewer from Chevron Group, will feature industry expert Rupert Kainzbauer from EPG Financial Services Ltd.

One of the highlights of the day will be a workshop on smart training solutions organised by Nikolas Lotz from TheComplianceTraining, providing attendees with practical insights into effective training strategies. The event will also include a panel discussion on effective compliance management with industry leaders like Sander Hoogendoorn from Trisigma and Bernard Lazennec from Docaposte. The day will wrap up with a session on KYC best practices moderated by Jochen Biewer, featuring experts like Max Irwin from IDnow and Nikolas Lotz from Meremus German Technologies (MGT) GmbH.

Full agenda of the Breakout Sessions at Gaming in Spain Conference, 6th May 2024, Madrid:

  1. Market & marketing intelligence for the Spanish iGaming environment at 15:40 featuring presentation by Mario Chamorro Acosta, MDF Partners (PromoSherlock)
  2. eMoney and cash conversion (Panel) at 16:00, moderated by Jochen Biewer, Chevron Group and featurning Rupert Kainzbauer, EPG Financial Services Ltd (Paylado)
  3. Smart training solutions (Workshop) at 16:35 organised by Nikolas Lotz, TheComplianceTraining
  4. Effective compliance management (Panel) at 17:00, moderated by Jochen Biewer, Chevron Group and featurning:
    • Sander Hoogendoorn, Trisigma
    • Bernard Lazennec, Docaposte
    • Nikolas Lotz, Chevron Group
  5. KYC best practices at 17:35, moderated by Jochen Biewer, ​Chevron Group and featurning:

Moving on to the Online Casino Summit Italia in Rome, where on the 8th May 2024 Chevron Group will host 3 panel discussions. The event will start with a discussion on streamlining European operations with AI and innovative payment solutions, moderated by Jochen Biewer and featuring among others Dimitar Shopov from EPG Financial Services Ltd and Stefano Sbordoni from Sbordoni&Partners.

The second panel discussion hosted by Chevron Group will focus on how KYC and AML protocols empower trust and drive sustainable business growth in Italian online casinos, moderated by Nikolas Lotz and featuring industry leaders like Alessandro Vilardi from Crif and Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk from IDnow. The event will also include a session on harmonizing global standards with localized strategies for multifaceted iGaming markets, featuring experts like Dr. Terence Cassar from GTG and Marco Gatti from Key2.

Full agenda of the Panel Discussions hosted by Chevron Group at Online Casino Summit Italia, 8th May 2024, Rome:

  1. Streamlining European Operations with AI and innovative Payment Solutions at 11:30 am, moderated by Jochen Biewer, ​Chevron Group and featuring:
    • Dimitar Shopov, EPG Financial Services Ltd.
    • Stefano Sbordoni, Sbordoni&Partners
    • Avv. Savino Menna, LA&P - Legal and Tax Counsel
  2. How KYC and AML protocols empower trust and drive sustainable business growth in Italian Online Casinos and beyond at 12:30 pm, moderated by Nikolas Lotz, Chevron Group and featuring:
  3. Harmonising global standards with localised strategies for multifaced iGaming markets at 4 pm, moderated by Jochen Biewer, Chevron Group and featuring:
    • Dr Terence Cassar, GTG
    • Marco Gatti, Key2
    • Avv. Fabio Azzolina, LA&P - Legal and Tax Counsel
    • Avv. Valérie Peano, EGLA

These events promise to provide a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities within the iGaming sector. With expert speakers, engaging discussions, and practical workshops, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and deepen their knowledge of the gaming landscape in Spain and Italy. Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to expand your professional network and stay ahead of the curve in the iGaming industry.

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