Enhancing Data Protection and GDPR Compliance: Chevron Group’s Solutions for the Dutch market

At a time when data protection and regulatory compliance are paramount, companies in the gaming industry face unique challenges. Amidst this landscape, Chevron Group, a leading provider of comprehensive compliance solutions, is at the forefront of helping businesses navigate the complexities of GDPR.

Nikolas Lotz, Certified Data Protection Officer 
(COO at Chevron Group). (Picture: Chevron Group)
Nikolas Lotz, Certified Data Protection Officer 
(COO at Chevron Group). (Picture: Chevron Group)
With the stringent data protection regulations set forth by the GDPR, companies operating in the gaming sector in the Netherlands must ensure that they are in full compliance to protect user data and mitigate risks. From player information to payment details, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data is a top priority for these organisations.

Chevron Group offers tailored data protection services specifically designed to meet the needs of the gaming industry in the Netherlands. Our expertise in data protection, privacy regulations, and compliance frameworks enables companies to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance effectively” - Nikolas Lotz, Chief Operations Officer

Chevron Group’s services for the Dutch gambling range from:

  • Outsourcing of key personnel
  • Development of data protection management systems
  • Strategic and operational data protection consulting
  • Data protection, privacy and information security trainings
  • Data protection audit services

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