GAT Bogotá: NOVOMATIC BLACK EDITION II cabinets arrive in Colombia and Central America

Following the launch of the NOVOVISIONTM casino management system in Cartagena, NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia arrives at GAT Expo – Bogota with its BLACK EDITION II cabinet series that puts design and user experience of land-based operations at centre stage.

Gumpoldskirchen/Bogotá – Bogota is shaping up to be the next milestone on the Colombian gaming world's agenda, and industry leader NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia is not far behind, promising once again to be a trendsetter with the launch of its BLACK EDITION II cabinet series, four Linked Progressive Jackpots and a revamped line of circular signage solutions.

In a world where online gaming is constantly growing, land-based casinos and gaming equipment manufacturers face exciting challenges. Gaming rooms offer something unique and valuable that online gaming cannot replicate: the immersive and exciting experience that can only be found in the physical world.

BLACK EDITION II XL (Image: Novomatic AG)
BLACK EDITION II XL (Image: Novomatic AG)
Against this backdrop, NOVOMATIC has developed the BLACK EDITION II cabinet series with the primary objective of providing an environment that immerses players in unparalleled depth and appeal. Manuel Del Sol, CEO of NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia, shares his vision: “Our BLACK EDITION II aims to create an environment that offers players an immersive experience, something that can only be fully achieved in the physical environment. Although the online and land-based segments share the same activity, they are completely different in terms of behaviour and unique selling propositions. It is essential to embrace these differences to ensure the long-term development and sustainability of both segments.”

The BLACK EDITION II cabinet series are characterised by their modern design, perfectly angled displays, crisp gaming presentation, integrated topper, high-performance sound system, a contrasting LED lighting concept with intelligent colour effects synchronised to the gaming action and a striking “Black Metro” finish. These features are infinitely reproduced in each of the models that will be present at GAT Expo - Bogota: the BLACK EDITION II XL 3.32 cabinet with 3 x 32" screens and the BLACK EDITION II 3.27 with 3 x 27" screens.

What's new in Linked Jackpots

FUNMASTER (Image: Novomatic AG)
FUNMASTER (Image: Novomatic AG)
NOVOMATIC will unveil a triad of linked jackpots with an innovative series of circular signs. This offering will include the compelling IMPERA LINKTM Series 2, which houses 41 games and 4 levels of excitement in harmony with the BLACK EDITION II 3.27 cabinet. To further enrich this unique experience, the perfect duo emerges: the Superia CASH CONNECTIONTM Volume 2 linked jackpot, with its 15 LOCK 'N' WIN titles and four prize levels, complements the BLACK EDITION II XL 3.32 cabinet. The fusion continues with the NOVO LINETM CASH CONNECTIONTM Edition 4 game-mix, integrated into the MASTER SLTM 3.32, offering a selection of 20 LOCK 'N' WIN titles and four levels of exciting rewards.

Julian Bernal, Sales Officer of NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia, highlights: “State-of-the-art technology and maximum creativity are the features that will captivate and surprise the players. Our 100% circular signs have already proven successful in the North American market and together with our linked jackpots and BLACK EDITION II cabinets are the ideal solutions for our land-based customers in Colombia and Central America.”

The event will also mark the debut of the Superia CASH CONNECTIONTM Volume 1 linked jackpot and FUNMASTER cabinet. This cabinet is an affordable engineering gem ideal for optimising the machine park in gaming venues and, together with the Superia CASH CONNECTIONTM Volume 1 Progressive mix, offers players ten exciting LOCK 'N' WIN titles and two levels of jackpot prizes.

GAT Expo – Bogotá 2023 will take place on September 8th at the Sheraton Bogotá Hotel. A unique day where attendees will be able to experience first-hand how NOVOMATIC is redefining land-based gaming.