CGS Group and Gaming Consultores sign an Advisory and Cooperation Agreement

Within the framework of the high interest of working in coordination between Gaming Consultores and CGS Group for the development of the Gaming Insights brand, in countries where it is relevant to carry out actions that correspond to the approach of the brand and the profile of the Consultants, an Advisory and Cooperation Agreement has been signed between them, whose priority will be to put on the agenda issues of special interest for each local industry.

(Photo: CGS Group)
(Photo: CGS Group)
Gaming Insights is a brand of the CGS Group whose format consists of a private activity, not open to the public, for C level executives, of the landbased, online and other verticals of the gaming industry and for whose development it has been considered a Strategic Alliance between G.C. and CGS, in order to meet the requirements of training and dissemination of information of the local market, Seeking active participation of Gambling Authorities, Associations, Manufacturers established in the country, Suppliers, Operators, Agents of the financial sector and professionals in general, linked to the gaming industry.

Gaming Consultores is a firm made up of professionals with vast experience in the field of gambling regulation in Latin America, Former Regulatory Authorities of their respective countries whose contributions to the development of the field are of transcendental importance (Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay).

The general public from the industry will soon be informed of the development agenda of the next events that are part of the agreement for the 2023 - 2024 period.