Shedding a light on the darkness – advertising online gambling between regulation and stigmatization

The Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021 means the start of a new era. Online gambling, such as virtual slot machines, sports betting, etc., is permissible and therefore legal under certain conditions. In terms of channeling, advertising for legal offers is not only permitted, but necessary in order to draw the attention of interested gamblers to legal offers. Only here, the protection of the customers from fraudulent actors can be ensured.

Naturally, however, there are discussions about what is permitted, when, where and with whom. We want to exchange views on these exciting questions: what is possible, what should be possible and what is perhaps completely unacceptable.

Our discussion partners are Yannick Skulski and Phillip Beumer, attorneys at Hambach&Hambach law firm, who will give an overview of the legal framework; an affected operator of virtual slot machines, who will report on his experiences in recent months; a representative of the Handelsblatt Research Institute with facts and possible conclusions for further discussion; a researcher on the topic of advertising in social media as well as representatives of the Joint Gambling Authority of the Federal States.”

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