#CGSLatam, the new CGS Group brand took off after 2 virtual editions, on May 24 and 25 in Santiago de Chile

Elizabeth Leiva Goycochea
Elizabeth Leiva Goycochea
In an interview with the founder and Director of the transnational group, Elizabeth Leiva Goycochea, she told us about her impressions about the event and the months of work and preparation to present the third edition of the product and the first face-to-face, in her other country, Chile. With a Peruvian mother and a Chilean father, she has lived from an early age in the United States, Europe, Peru and Chile. The organizer told us that she found in her compatriots, quickly and expeditiously, the necessary support from the government and the main entities and personalities linked to the game in the country. "Being authorized many months ago as an international event, we proceeded to convene the international industry in all its verticals. The post-covid situation, although still very present on a daily basis, was leaving out the leading brands in the landbased industry. Problems with shipments, production, lack of materials and little clarity regarding new investments by casinos, were falling from the list to brands traditionally followers of CGS. So, we had to focus on the other lines of business. Long hours of meetings and conversations with the most important local actors dictated the exact measurement of the product to be presented.

The change of date of ICE London was a challenge, since we had to reschedule and practically reset zero in terms of location, date and suppliers. The experience of 2 decades organizing Gaming Shows and with the support of a well-trained team in the different markets where we have worked, we had the necessary peace of mind to rethink objectives and goals. The need and interests of the market dictated the tone for developing our 3rd edition."More than 450 registered, Conferences prepared for 100 people, received more than 150; Exhibitors receiving more than 400 people in the 2 days of the event and the Welcome Cocktail on the Red2One-Floor 21 Terrace of the W Hotel exceeded the capacity with more than 180 guests. These were the factors of the resounding success of #CGSLatam. "The SCJ, fulfilling a fundamental role in the process of legalizing online gambling, sent representatives. The two most important gaming laboratories in the industry were present. On the other hand, 3 former regulators chose the #CGSLatam to launch their International Consulting Firm. Lawyers from Peru, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico and Argentina were present at the event. Visitors from more than 20 countries as well as Delegates from the main Casinos in Chile, crowned our event."Regarding the next edition, Elizabeth confirmed the realization of the #CGSLatam 2023 in Chile during the month of June. And in relation to new events of the group, the realization of #CGSBrasil was confirmed towards the end of the year. Brazil is a territory of 200 million people. There are possibilities for contribution to the industry from many sides. She also confirmed the fifth edition of the DR Gaming Summit in the Dominican Republic and one more of the Caribbean Gaming Show, attending to the Caribbean territories, which he has been working on since 2010.

Regarding the possibility of returning to Peru or expanding to another territory such as Argentina in view of the fact that she received both organizers in #CGSLatam, the organizer categorically ruled out the possibility of crossing paths in the activities of Rubén Solórzano or Alan Burak. It is clear to the market and each of us that everyone has a territory and it would be a great lack of respect to interfere in jurisdictions that have local leaders. There is a fine and transparent territorial line, and the independence of each product must be respected in the countries where each of us has made great efforts and investments. It would be in very bad taste and oblivious to all decorum to act that way.

Finally, she invites all members of the ecosystem to follow the news and social networks of the group to stay informed about the group's upcoming commercial events. "CGS, The Best Place to Network".