China Vending & Smart Retail Industry News Flash

VRE committee has collected some of the latest news and information about vending and smart retail industry, to help you catch the latest trends of the industry changes in China.

Dada group's annual revenue climbed RMB6.9 Billion in 2021!

With the continuous enrichment of commodity supply and the deepen cooperation with Jingdong, TDTOHome has won mass users and become an significant instant retail channel.

In 2021, the total revenue of Dada Group surged 6.866 billion yuan, of which the revenue of Imdada is 2.82 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 82.7% on a comparable basis, while TDTOHome went up 75.48% year-on-year to 4.045 billion yuan.

Jingpin Hi-tech’s vending machine are stoking up a consumer boom overseas!

As one of the leading suppliers of intelligent vending platform, Jingpin Hi-tech’s business scope covers many countries such as the US, Japan, Italy, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India, etc.

ChaiPoint, a famous Indian milk tea brand, has installed thousands of self-service chai tea machines in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore; Krispy Kerme, the second-largest doughnut chain in the U.S., also launched a doughnut vending machine, and many other brands are backed by Jingpin High-tech.

Yongzhou’s new policy leads a new development of drug vending machines

Recently, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Yongzhou, Hunan Province issued corresponding policies to declare that vending machines will be able to sell prescription drugs. Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China also expressed its support for the integrative development of drug distribution enterprises and e-commerce platforms.

Taking this opportunity, TCN’s smart vending machines use Internet technology to solve problems such as online prescribing, remote prescription checking, etc., which reduces the burden on hospitals, increases the income of pharmacies, and improves service efficiency.

XINON completed RMB30 million Pre-A round of financing!

Breaking the traditional way of BBQ, XINON focuses on the R&D of intelligent barbecue robots, which can realize automatic 24-hour unmanned self-service barbecue. Recently, it achieved 30 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, which will be used to enlarge production capacity and expand the market.

This machine has been piloted in KTVs in Shanghai, and hotels, schools in Inner Mongolia. In KTV, one machine can sell 300 skewers per day.

VRE will deliver a vending & smart retail feast on May 29th-31st!

To better meet the market demand and promote the development of the industry, VRE 2022 will build a comprehensive procurement exchange platform for the retail chain, giving full play to the varieties of vending and retail solutions!

By the way, the committee will combine offline and the online exhibition this year to better serve the retail industry. Worldwide buyers are welcome to attend our virtual shows for free, and we also look forward to seeing more overseas exhibitors join us next year! Welcome to contact us for more detail information!

Upcoming Vending Related Virtual Shows

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2022 Global Commerce & Recreation Expo (Virtual), April 12-18 2022 Asia Commerce & Recreation Expo (Virtual), July 5-11

2022 Asia Vending & Smart Retail Expo (VRE)

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