Several Chilean Mayors create a front against the new casino law

This April 24th in Viña Del Mar, councils of the traditional casino cities will gather in order to generate an instance to confront their position against the new law that regulates the sector.

The meeting will count with the presence of Mayors of Arica, Iquique, Coquimbo, Viña Del Mar, Pucón, Puerto Varas and Puerto Natales, to create a round table, to allow them to make a common front against the new norm, approved in the Parliament, which is considered a threaten for these seven cities.

This initiative aroused from the concern presented by City Mayor of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato, which, in recent days, declared that he was convinced that the norm, in case it continues in force in the terms in which it had been dictated, will expropriate the main source of income of the council.

In 2005, it was dictated a General Casino Law, which allowed the installation of diverse casinos in the country and established that for 2015, the councils will not be able to have tenders once the current ones expire, affecting these seven local councils.

The meeting is to analyze the scenario of these councils, that have casinos created by special laws, because, according to the mayor, from 2015, „nothing assures that a new casino to replace the local one will be installed in these cities, because the choice of the council in which it will be installed is left to the discretion of the simple economic interest of the private parties.”

The mayor said there will be even harder consequences for the local councils. “In case it is left in the same city, income will be minimum, and if its established in another one, income will be “zero,” she pointed.

The meeting is called in the middle of a difficult moment that it is particularly living local casino of Viña Del Mar, belonging to Enjoy, which has suffered a loss of 20% in its income, due to the competence of casino Monticello, which is located in San Francisco de Mostazal.

Besides, the gambling venue will compete with future casinos in Rinconada de Los Andes, Salguero Hotels and San Antonio, from Ivisa.