New Chilean casinos achieve incomes for USD 26 million

Chile Casino Superintendence released operational results obtained by the eight new casinos that operated during 2008 in councils of Antofagasta, Copiapó, Santa Cruz, Mostazal, Talca, Pinto, Talcahuano and Los Ángeles.

Just Termas de Chillán (Pinto) casino opened the whole year, because the remaining seven started to operate between July and December last year, with a total average of less than three months of operation.

In total, eight new casinos generated USD 25.8 million gross gaming income (win), which meant the payment of USD 4.3 million on concept of specific gaming tax to the eight councils and five regional governments corresponding to the places in which such venues are located. Besides, casinos brought USD 4.1 million on VAT to gaming, and USD 2.7 million on income tax.

Casino Superintendent Francisco Javier Leiva assured that „for the first time in our economic history, the country knows which are the operational results of the new casino industry, public information that has the aims to consolidate a transparent casino industry, to control the correct gaming development and to keep all the regions of the country informed.”

Monticello Grand Casino represented the 45.1% of the gross gaming incomes, Gran Casino de Copiapó 13.2%, Marina del Sol 10.9%, Enjoy Antofagasta 10.8%, Termas de Chillán 8.2%, Casino Gran Los Ángeles 6.8%, Casino de Colchagua 4.6% and Gran Casino de Talca 0.4%. In total, eight casinos received a total of 547,440 visits, which spent an average of USD 43,39 each.

The eight casinos complied with the norm established by SCJ in 2008 to guarantee the public faith in the operation of slots, which indicates that, in the industry regulated by SCJ, prizes must be granted to players no less of the 85% of the total of possible play combinations, as it occurs in the gambling industry of developed countries.

In fact, more than 4,000 slots in the current commercial operation of the new casinos, delivered an average return percentage to players of 93%.

Considering the average daily gross incomes, Monticello Grand Casino obtained USD 137,038, Marina del Sol USD 57,604, Enjoy Antofagasta USD 54,505, Gran Casino de Copiapó USD 23,263, Gran Casino de Talca USD 15,544, Casino Gran Los Ángeles USD 11,260, Casino de Colchagua USD 10,070 and Termas de Chillán USD 5,793.

The correlative order is the same when it is considered the daily average of the specific gaming tax generated by the casino, because the one which most daily resources brought was Monticello, followed by Marina del Sol, Enjoy Antofagasta, Gran Casino de Copiapó, Talca, Los Ángeles, Casino Colchagua and Termas de Chillán.