Crown casino evacuated as power goes out across Victoria

Crown casino’s gaming rooms, shops and restaurants were evacuated after the power failure left the entire precinct in darkness.

An estimated 5000 chefs, shoppers, gamblers and those celebrating Chinese New Year were out on the street after a back-up generator failed.

Casino spokesman Gary O’Neil said Crown would take a financial hit.

„Friday is one of our busiest nights and we had to evacuate the whole premises,“ he said.

Gamblers interrupted mid-bet will be compensated for any credits lost.

„We have taken a record of all outstanding credits on the gaming machines being played at the time,“ Mr O’Neil said.

„People who want to reclaim their gaming credits will need to contact Crown Club at the Casino, identify the machine they were playing on at the time and we will assist them,“

Connie Grasso, 42, of Glenroy, said she was frightened after being ushered out in pitch black at Crown cinema.

„We are literally living in the dark ages. Heads should roll because of this,“ she said.

„The State Government, Connex and Citipower have some serious answering to do.“

Rockpool, one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, estimated it would lose AUD 40,000-AUD 50,000.

Manager Vanessa Crichton said the loss of power played havoc with exhaust fans.

„Smoke started coming out of the kitchen and we wanted to get everybody out before the emergency sprinklers came on and caused further damage to the interior, which is valued at least AUD 2 million,“ she said.

Angela Vreltas‘ 40th birthday celebrations were abruptly interrupted mid-meal.

„(The evacuation) was nicely conducted and everything we ordered tonight was free of charge,“ she said.

Staff from Jurlique and Beach Culture had to leave their store doors wide open.

„We didn’t even have time to lock up and I can’t leave until everything is locked,“ said Susie Hodges from Jurlique.

The store was expected to lose at least a few thousand dollars.