Chilean casinos could be forced to warn about gambling addiction

Chilean casinos could be forced to inform about the addiction that games of chance can cause when they become a frequent practice, because some senators have pointed that the inauguration of new gambling venues could increase cases of people with gambling problems.

Senator Ricardo Nuñez has just presented in Chile a modification to the norm that forces these operators to „show warnings in casinos about gambling addiction”. They would also be asked to deliver –to both players and visitors- explanatory leaflets on responsible gaming and the effects of the addiction that causes in people’s health.

Senator Nuñez handed in more details of the legal modification and points that it could be approved in the first semester of this year:

How would this modification in the norm operate?

This law aims to force owners to warn thousands of Chilean citizens that games of chance may cause addiction. They have enough resources and it may be a good campaign.

In which part should be the advertisements according to the legal modification?

At the entrance of casinos, gambling venues, in bathrooms, pubs, etc. There should be small and attractive signs everywhere in accessible places, especially for youngsters. We also aim the Health Service to motivate the medicine schools of the country to start training psiquiatrists to attend these clinic cases.

Isn’t there any law on the matter?

The only law in force is the one that authorizes casinos in different places of the country. However, we do not consider that this would generate gambling problems.

But, have you noticed an increment of people with gambling problems?

It is not necessary to go to casinos. It is obvious that, with the international experiences, there is always a percentage of people that may be affected, especially due to the possibility to have an easier access to casinos or other places in which games of chance are practiced. We want to legislate according to the existing experiences on the matter.

Do you expect an increment of cases with the creation of the new casinos?

The bill aims to regulate on the matter, because everyone that chooses to gamble should know that the gambling addiction is suffered by people that cannot spend a day without gambling, no matter how much money they have.