A bill aims to ban gambling companies from financing Political Parties

A bill has recently been presented in the House of Representatives, that aims to modify several articles of the law 26,215, related to the funding of political parties. Such project proposes to ban the contribution of companies or people that operate games of chance.

The project was presented by deputies of the party Espacio Solidaridad e Igualdad, Leonardo Gorbacz, Nélida Belous, Delia Bisutti and Verónica Benas. Besides, the initiative prevents parties to accept or receive, in a direct or indirect way, anonymous contributions or donations, or to make contributions without revealing the identity of the donor.

Among other prohibitions, the rules expressed in the project do not allow political parties to receive money or other properties or assets from people or companies that operate games of chance, companies that operate services or public work or state providers, and neither from governments, foreign public entities or foreign people. The project also says that the 50% of the funds must be divided equally among all the parties.

The remaining 50% will have to be distributed proportionally according to the number of votes that the party obtained in the latest election of national representatives. They will just participate in the distribution all the parties that can prove that they have obtained at least a number of votes equivalent to the 1% of the electoral roll.