Gamesman look to IGE for industry answers

Mark Smith (Managing director of Gamesman)
Mark Smith (Managing director of Gamesman)

Mark Smith, managing director of Gamesman, the UK-based components developer, believes that the upcoming International Gaming Expo will be the most important for a decade as the international gaming industry seeks to navigate turbulent economic waters.

Smith, whose company will be making its 12th appearance at the Earls Court-based gaming exhibition, explained: “I believe that this year’s exhibition is going to be hugely significant for the business at large. Not only is it a fantastic platform for products and services but, just as importantly, it will be the most accurate indicator of how the gaming landscape is going to evolve over the next 12 months. From the feedback we are receiving, operators and manufacturers alike will be looking to London in search of some answers, some direction and even some leadership.

“For Gamesman, the key issues are to gauge the depth of recession in the United States and how operators will be responding to the downturn, how countries in the Euro-Zone are faring in the face of the economic and legislative forces and the impact of the UK stakes and prize review. There cannot have been such a mix of unresolved industry issues to have come together at the same time.”

“IGE hosts the most influential gathering of minds in the business and, in common with many of our colleagues, customers and competitors, Gamesman will be looking to come out of January’s show with a clearer picture of the dynamics and direction in which the markets that we serve will be moving in 2009: the exhibition cannot come soon enough.”