Zvonimir offers IGE 2009 visitors a royal appointment

Leading automated roulette wheel manufacturer Zvonimir Company will hope to put IGE 2009 in a spin after announcing that their fifth appearance at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre will see them exhibit their ‘King Roulette’ range of wheels.

Visitors to ICE, part of the International Gaming Expo (IGE), will have the chance to see Zvonimir’s new version of their best selling ‘High Class Classic’. The updated model has been made more compact due to a side groove option and is able to generate better winning number distribution due to a 2-D plexi-glass ring with numbers and plexi-glass stickers combined with staggered separators.

Zvonimir will also present an automated roulette wheel with an extra shallow wooden frame, which allows better overview of game, and a new, illuminated wheel. The latter is integrated in a wooden frame with dark noble wood, which matches perfectly with neon light – illuminated surfaces on the wheel have been carefully chosen and matched to catch the eye. At ICE 2009, visitors will be able to see Zvonimir’s two-way ball shooter integrated within the side groove wooden frame.

Zvonomir currently supplies automated roulette wheels to over 40 buyers worldwide and will exhibit on stand 3572 of the 2009 International Gaming Expo, incorporating ICE and ICEi.