Casinos given green light in Taiwan

After months of intense debate in government, the green light is finally given to embark on the development of a casino industry in the islands of Taiwan.

The Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) compiled a detailed report pointing to the need for developing a casino industry in Taiwan. Among others, the industry is likely to employ some 5,000 full-time workers plus an additional 15,000 temporary workers.

Development of the casino industry will yield increasing revenues to the hotel industry which will boost tourism and employment creation prospects. Of equal importance to the authorities however are the revenues to be gained from taxing and regulating the casino industry in Taiwan. For now, the casinos are most likely to be developed on the periphery islands of Taiwan.

There is one prerequisite which must be met however: all casinos must be developed as part of holiday resorts. The measure will help boost tourism revenue and generate significant employment prospects for Taiwanese citizens. Those in favor of Taiwan lifting the ban on gambling are numerous and moves are afoot to get the process kick started as soon as possible.