„We are very confident with the growth of Novomatic in South America“

Interview to Max Lindenberg and David Orrick

Yogonet interviewed Max Lindenberg AGI’s Marketing & Business Development Director and David Orrick-company’s Director Communications & Business Development- during recently held SAGSE Buenos Aires show. They talked about the products that the company presented in the event, and commented about the growing presence of the firm in Latin America.

What is the situation of the company in Latin America, considering you increased your presence in the area and now have offices in Chile?

Lindenberg: It is very important for us to be in Latin America. Since our first attendance to SAGSE last year, we made great progress in the area. It is very promising for us being here and this show is very good for us. We are very confident with the growth of Novomatic in South America.

Are you presenting new games or machines for the South American market?

Lindenberg: First of all we are presenting our new Novo Supervision cabinet, which shows a roulette multi-gaming system. This machine is especially designed for the South American markets, distributed with special conditions for South American customers, but we also have our international flagship product which is our Super V Plus Gaminator on show, also equipped with the latest multi-game mixes, including the latest games, which are connected to the Flexi Link Jackpot System, which is a mystery progressive, and we have our new Coolfire II games.

Which was the feedback from visitors? Did you have the chance to be in contact with people from other countries, on top of Argentina?

Lindenberg: Of course, we have had visitors from Peru and Chile, for example. This year, the number of visitors seems to be slightly less than last year, but the quality of the visitors we had was absolutely excellent. We are very happy about that.

How is the situation of the company in Chile? Which are the plans for the next couple of months?

Lindenberg: On October 8th we opened Casino Monticello in San Francisco de Mostazal in Santiago de Chile. It was a soft-opening because the casino was opened earlier, and the hotel, the conference center and the shopping mall will be finished on the first quarter of next year.

Are you planning to attend to other events in Latin America?

Lindenberg: Since we have two companies in South America, in Peru and in Chile, we will attend to Peru Gaming Show next year. I won’t make any promise now, but maybe we will attend to the Chilean show in March next year. Our firm is very committed to this market.

Well, Novomatic has one of the biggest stands of the show, I think that reflects the commitment of the company.

Orrick: That reflects the commitment and also the requirement that we have for quality. We cannot demonstrate quality in a smaller booth, so we made the investment as we started last year. We learnt a lot in the past 12 months, but what is absolutely sure now that we have presence in Chile with the operations as well as our own company there and we have presence in Peru.
On the other hand, it has been an honor for us to receive an award during SAGSE gala to recognize Novomatic commitment to development, because that’s exactly what we are about.