SAGSE 2008 showed an increment of visitors and exhibitors in its recent edition

SAGSE Buenos Aires organizers released the statistics after the analysis of its 16th edition, held October 15-17 in Costa Salguero exhibition center. According to the information given, the event is still growing.

Monografie informed that a total of 7,968 people visited in this opportunity SAGSE Buenos Aires. Besides, the activities represented were: Casino, 24,33%; bingo, 14,36%; amusement: 11,20%; i-gaming: 8.53% and suppliers, 6-82%.

With regards to the acquisition role, a 36.34% were executives, a 33.78% were people with influence in the purchase decision and a 29.88% with the final decision. Besides, the day in which the event received more visitors was Thursday October 16th, with the 37.77% of the visitors, although the other two days also received a quite similar number of people.

Of the visitors registered, 83.5% were Argentinian and the rest were from abroad. Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, United States, Colombia and Chile were the countries with more quantity of executives at the show. According to information presented by organizers, this SASGE edition experimented a gradual evolution with regards to the number of exhibitors and visitors with regards to the previous year, keeping the growing trend that the exhibition offered in the latest years.