Buenos Aires to consider a bill banning remote gambling

A bill has been presented in the Lower House of the Argentinean province of Buenos Aires which would ban gambling via any remote communication method including mobile phones and the internet.

The bill would require telecommunications providers to block access to sites that offer any form of gambling, and proposes a penalty on both gaming operators and network providers equal to ten to twenty times the value of all bets received from within the province of Buenos Aires.

The author of the bill, Deputy Liliana Piani, argues that the prohibition of remote gambling services is necessary to enforce state control over gambling activities in order to prevent „certain fundamental values from being endangered“. „These include public health, public order and the protection of minors,“ said Piani.

Piani accused the government of failing to fully address the problems posed by such forms of gambling, and said the issues addressed by her bill had been expressly excluded from all current gaming legislation.