Oxford Highlands resort casino plans to create 1,277 jobs during construction

The Olympia Group released a study outlining the projected economic impact of the proposed Oxford Highlands Resort-Spa-Casino in Oxford County.

It was conducted by Clyde W. Barrow, Director of the Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts and main investigator for the New England Gaming Research Project.

According to the report, in addition to creating 1,277 new jobs during the construction phase, the resort casino will generate 907 full-time and part-time jobs upon final build-out. The casino will support a USD 32.5 million payroll and earn USD 164.1 million in total annual revenues. Besides, USD 69 million additional revenue will be paid to the State of Maine each year.

“The operation of a resort casino in Oxford County will not only improve employment levels in Oxford County, it will improve overall job quality,” said Barrow. “The resort casino will pay average annual wages that are 68.3% higher than in Maine’s hotel and accommodations sector.”

Last week, the Olympia Group unveiled preliminary plans for the Oxford Highlands Resort-Spa-Casino. The project will include a 300 room hotel, a large conference center, a casino featuring up to 1,500 slot machines, a wide variety of table games, fine and casual dining options, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, parking for guests and accommodations for snowmobiles, cross country skiing and numerous other year round amenities.

Spokeswoman, Pat LaMarche, said, “This report is very good news for the people of Maine and Oxford County. The analysis exceeds all of our projections for jobs and revenue to the State. I encourage everyone to visit our web site at www.voteyeson2forMaine.com for complete details.”

Other projections from the Economic Impact Study: The Olympia Group plans to invest USD 184.2 million in the Oxford Highlands Resort- Spa-Casino. Construction-related and consumer expenditures by construction workers will support an additional 458 jobs off-site with an additional USD 12.8 million in payroll during the construction process.

Local purchases by the resort for operations and consumer expenditures by the resort casino’s employees will support an additional 592 permanent jobs off-site with an additional USD 16.6 million in payroll during the construction process.