Difficult situation and disinterest of potential operators of new Russian casinos

The previous step to tender the land that will host the new Russian casinos in the regions of Kaliningrado, Primorye, Altai and Krasnodar, requires USD 31 billion allocated to the creation of infrastructure. Today, operators do not show interest in operating gaming in those zones.

It has been communicated by Minister of Finance, committed with the promotion of the territories that are least favored. In order to attract foreign investments, it is necessary to establish good urban networks, with improvements in electricity, light and water.

This fact requires a high cost, and did not discard to change the norm and assign casinos to other zones less unprotected.

Up to the moment, the only one that has shown interest in the new gaming situation has been Casinos Austria International (CAI). His idea is to get a license in Krasnodar District.