„Our representatives are afraid of voting projects authorizing the re-opening of Brazilian bingos“

Interview to Carlos Eduardo Canto, head of Febrabingo

After the creation of the American Association of Gambling Regulators, in the latest Monterrey event, the head of Febrabingo, Carlos Eduardo Canto, talked in exclusive to Yogonet.com about how this new association might help to the regulation of the sector in Brazil and what is the current situation on the sector.

Which is the current situation of Brazilian bingos?

They are not regulated. From Febrabingo, we believe we have a legislation in force for bingos, because there haven’t been a law to revoke the licenses issued by Caixa Económica Federal, an entity responsible of the Federal Government for the authorization and control of the sector.

In you’re opinion, why doesn’t the bingo regulation take place in the country?

Due to politics. Our Congress, as well as in most of the countries, has difficulties for approving laws. And, in a controversial sector like ours, and with the press talking all day, our representatives are afraid to vote diverse projects authorizing the reopening of bingos. Research in papers and TV assure that 70% of the people approve the bingo opening.

Do you have an idea of when will bingos be regulated?

It has been the right time and Febrabingo, through consultant’s offices, has performed different investigations showing how games develop in other countries, mainly in Argentina, where, in my opinion, as a representative of the sector, I think it is the best legislation. In Brazil we would start with a new era of transparency, showing society how to control the activity and mainly eliminating secrecy, so the bettor has no doubts on the matter. Other important positive factors are the collection of taxes for us$ 2 million annually, and the hiring of 500,000 direct and indirect employments.
Some representatives and the president consider the bingo reopening as a fundamental alternative in tax collection, which would be allocated to social programs of the Federal and National Government.

With the first edition of a games of chance event in Mexico, a country that, the same as Brazil, does not have a clear legal situation regarding games of chance, Do you think it could be a good example for your country?

Of course. Mexico regulated games because the situation had to be solved. It couldn’t stand seeing clandestine gaming taking part of the sector, as in Brazil. In this event, I talked with representatives of different gambling segments and noted the concern for occupying definitely a space that it would occupy in a serious country, showing society
that it can control the gambling activity through a firm and transparent law.

How could Fedrabingo help in the creation of Monterrey event, from the American Association of Gambling Regulators?

I traveled to Mexico specially to see how regulation was changing the gambling sector, and analyzing Monterrey show, I say a real concern in order to ban illegal gambling.
When talking to President of the Association of Official Agents of Games Chance and Draws, Alfonso Pérez de Lizaur, showed sense and sensibility to protect the activity in Mexico, so I congratulated him and I am sure he will be able to do a good work.