Caesars Windsor impresses patrons

Casino patrons on the weekend were giving glowing reviews of the upgrades and new USD 430-million expansion unveiled a few weeks ago at Caesars Windsor, saying they feel it will attract more customers to the venue and city.

Business appears to have slightly improved since the casino re-opened June 19 under the Caesars brand and new convention centre addition were unveiled, said several regulars and occasional visitors to the casino.

„It’s definitely a nicer venue,“ said Sarah Fitzgerald, 32, of Windsor who took her first look Saturday at the changes. „There is plenty of room and it seems more cleaner than previously. It made an impact.

„I think it will bring a lot more people here with the convention centre and entertainment. People hopefully will trickle out and see more of Windsor.

„Windsor should get involved with the casino. The more we can build it up, the better it will be for everybody.“

Added her friend Melissa Krausse, 31, of Windsor: „It’s more like Vegas. It’s definitely more open now. The casino looks about the same, but I definitely would want to go to a show. It’s definitely a bright light (for Windsor) in a gloomy outlook.“

Casino officials did not return messages left by the Star on the weekend, but one seven-year employee said Saturday she has noticed business has improved in the first few weeks, especially at the hotel, with visitors from as far away as Georgia and California coming to Windsor as part of the Caesars rewards program.

One return visitor getting his first look was Mike Farrell, 24, of Cleveland, in Windsor for the weekend with over a half-dozen buddies for a bachelor party. He visited the new-look casino on Friday night and came away impressed, perhaps bolstered by walking away with USD 200 won at the black jack tables.

„It’s definitely more upscale, a nicer atmosphere,“ Farrell said. „It was a good experience. You are treated differently, with better service.“

He feels U.S. visitors will be pleased enough to come back and just visit the casino as a destination.

A family group from Dallas, visiting Windsor for the first time, took a walk around the new venue, although couldn’t enter the casino gaming area while with their children. The group spent the week in Detroit as part of the U.S. national tae kwan do championships.

„It’s beautiful. People who like casinos definitely would want to come here,“ said dad Terry Jordan.

„We didn’t expect this. I don’t think the casinos in Detroit, you can see the kind of (entertainment) draws you have here. You got some big names.“

Miguel Gil, 23, of Windsor — a casino regular — said not much has changed to him in the gambling area.

„It’s the same to me, not much change at all unless you are going to a show,“ said Gil, visiting Saturday with friend Anson Szeto. „But the (new) building is incredible.“

He has noticed more customers since the casino’s re-opening playing at the slot machines, but said the number of gaming table customers seem to have dropped a bit because of higher betting limits.