New Rule Could Increase Casino Gambling Revenue In Indiana

The state of Indiana sees the need to try and compete with casinos in other states. The expansion of casino gambling is happening quickly around the United States, and competition for the gambling dollars is growing.

Indiana has just passed a new rule that could help bring high roller gamblers into their casinos. Junketeers will have lower registration fees and will also no longer have to be a licensed casino supplier.

Junketeers are firms that organize casino trips and then are paid based on how much money the people they bring gamble. It is a practice that currently takes high roller groups to Las Vegas and Mississippi.

„Our casinos are becoming more destination resort-style facilities. We would certainly like to seen more people from out of state come visit. the goal is to see if we can help the casinos generate more revenue from high-level players,“ said the state Gaming Commission’s Deputy Director, Jennifer Arnold.

The change will take place immediately under an emergency rule. A public hearing will be held on July 29th, after which, the rule will become permanent.

The licensing fee change should help the Indiana casinos. The new fee of USD 250 will be closer to what other casinos around the country charge. That figure is down from the old fee of a robust USD 5,000.