Online gambling increases in Korea

In South Korea, a growing number of people are gambling online with the help of illegal money dealers that change virtual winnings for real cash. Online gambling in the nation is illegal but increasing numbers of people are playing poker and blackjack while cases of addiction are on the rise.

A report from MBC TV cited instances of online gamblers losing their entire savings because of their inability to stop gambling.

The newspaper reported that virtual gaming sites are a huge draw in Korea, especially one referred to as ‘Hangame’, with players participating using cyber-money that is then exchanged for real cash or products using black market illegal dealers. One website boasts three million daily visitors with the Korean Government claiming it is difficult to police the activity.

However, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced last month that it would be increasing its efforts at arresting the cyber-money dealers in order to slow the instances of illegal online gambling. It stated that police are expected to assist in its effort by making hundreds of officers available for raids and preventative initiatives.