Casino As Possible Solution For Ohio’s Economy?

Columbus, Ohio — As the Ohio economy struggles, will more Ohio voters be willing to place their bets on an Ohio casino?

The proposed casino would cost USD 600 million and would bring 5,000 new jobs to Central Ohio, NBC 4’s Lauren Diedrich reported.

Those who are behind the casino development said a new casino could generate more than USD 200 million in tax revenues for Ohio’s 88 counties.

But Gov. Ted Strickland said he still believes the majority of Ohioans are against gambling in Ohio and is not supporting the proposed casino in Clinton County.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Department of Development said it is working with GM executives, along with DHL executives after both companies announced they would likely be leaving the Dayton area, taking more than 10,000 jobs with them.

„We still are in contact with them to offer up whatever resources, anything that can be useful in an attempt to save those jobs,“ said Kelly Schlissberg of the Ohio Department of Development.

The Ohio Department of Development also started a task force to try to retain DHL in Ohio.

The task force includes local leaders from the Wilmington area and their first meeting will be held on Tuesday.