2008 WSOP Results Event #4: Erick Lindgren Finally Wins A Bracelet

Erick Lindgren has a long and lucrative 10-year history as a professional poker player, earning USD 1.5 million in WSOP and WSOP circuit events alone, but his final WSOP goal can now be checked off Lindgren’s to-do list – Win a gold WSOP Bracelet. Erick emerged triumphant yesterday from the 2008 World Series of Poker Event #4, USD 5,000 Mixed Hold’em, taking the bracelet and a 1st place cash of USD 374,505.

The 3-day event got underway June 2nd, with the final table commencing on the 4th. Lindgren started off with a bang, ousting Isaac Haxton in the second hand. Pat Pezzin was the next to go as his A-Q offsuit did not hold up against Andre Robl’s A-K offsuit. Next to the rails came David Williams as his As-3s was out-flopped by David Williams K-10 offsuit, ending with a 10 top pair.

With competitors left, it would take some time before anyone else exited the WSOP final table. Eventually, Justin Bonomo and Howard Lederer would take up arms. With a run of pre-flop raises, Lederer finally went all-in holding pocket 4s against Bonomo’s Ac-Qc. The flop was no help to either, but the turn river combined for 5d-2d-Ks-5s-Kc – just enough to counter Lederers low pair and give Bonomo the win.

David Rheem was the next to fall, sent home when Roland de Wolfe became the lone caller on a pre-flop raise. When Wolfe hit the nut Straight, Rheem mucked and made his 5th place exit. Soon after, Bonomo took Wolfe all in when he flopped a Flush draw that hit on the river. Robl, Bonomo and Lindgren rounded out the final three.

After another hour of play, Bonomo held a significant chip stack lead, calling Robl’s all in after a pre-flop raise. Robl found himself dethroned as his A-2 failed to pair, losing to Bonomo’s Q-5 when the Queen paired on the flop.

Heads-up play immediately commenced between Justin Bonomo and Erick Lindgren, who had remained fairly quiet up until now. Bonomo grabbed an early chip lead, but not by much. It would last 40 hands before a winner was crowned. Lindgren raised Bonomo before the flop of 10c-5c-3d. Both players checked, revealing a 4h on the Turn. Bonomo bet, called by Lindgren, then came the 8h River, resulting in another bet by Bonomo and a raise from Lindgren. Bonomo pushed all in and Lindgren called immediately. Bonomo confidently revealed a 5s-4s, twice pairing the board. His poise quickly faded, however, as Lindgren unveiled Ah-2d for the Straight.

Lindgren would walk away with his first glorious WSOP Bracelet and a 1st place purse of USD 374,505. Justin Bonomo, the newest member of Team Full Tilt, pocketing USD 230,259 for his 2nd place finish.

The final table results of 2008 WSOP Event #3 were as follows:

1st – Erick Lindgren (USD 374,505)
2nd – Justin Bonomo (USD 230,259)
3rd – Andre Robl (USD 144,337)
4th – Roland de Wolfe (USD 117,030)
5th – David Rheem (USD 93,624)
6th – Howard Lederer (USD 74,119)
7th – David Williams (USD 58,515)
8th – Pat Pezzin (USD 46,812)
9th – Isaac Haxton (USD 34,109)