WSOP Winner Event # 3 – David Singer

The winner of the USD 1,500 buy-in Pot-Limit Hold’em tournament was David Singer, from Las Vegas, NV. He is 41-years-old. He has been playing poker professionally since 2001.

Prior to playing poker, Singer worked for as an attorney for a non-profit agency which was involved in environmental issues. He worked in legal cases which ultimately helped to clean Long Island Sound of pollution and other toxic materials.

He has been a professional poker player since 2001.

Singer is known for wearing flashy jewelry. His favorite fashion items are silver rings. Singer often plays with at least one silver ring on every finger. He said he started wearing just one or two a few years ago. But he liked the look fo them and started buying one everywhere he went when traveling. He say he owns more than 70 silver rings — and now one gold bracelet.

This marked Singer’s 18th time to cash at the WSOP. He is the only player to have made it to the final table of the USD 50,000 HORSE event both years it’s been played. He also won the inaugural Caesars Palace Classic in 2007, worth USD 1 million or first place. Oddly enough, while Singer has nearly USD 4 million in career tournament earnings, he had never finished higher than fourth at the WSOP prior to this victory.

Singer’s fiancé expected the couple’s first child to be born on the same day as the final table was played. In fact, the child is/was due at any moment. Incredibly, prior to the finale, Singer stated that he would depart the poker tournament – no matter what the situation – in order to be at his fiancé’s side when she gave birth. The moment she goes into labor, I am quitting the tournament,“ he said on the night before the final table was to be played. „I don’t care even if I am playing heads-up for the (gold bracelet).

Singer plans to get married at the end of this summer.

Singer was interviewed by the official WSOP media team following his victory. Here are some of the highlights of that interview (quotes were recorded and may be used by all media):

I started out this tournament not really caring much about it. I was (registered) in the other tournament (USD 1,500 No-Limit Hold’em) and I cashed in that one. I was running back and forth between tables at the start of this one, and obviously it worked out.

I won a USD 25,000 heads-up poker tournament last week (which was worth USD 560,000). When we got heads-up in this event, I was expecting to run over (Fernandez). I did not know much about him. But he sure turned out to be pretty tough (Note: Heads-up play lasted over 100 hands)

This is not the most money I have ever won in a poker tournament. But it makes me the happiest, I would say for sure.

This really feels great. I’ve waited for this for a very long time.

We have a baby due today or tomorrow. That’s pretty exciting. But to win this makes it all the better.

I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world already, no matter if I had won, or not.