esports is more than just a niche phenomenon

FlyLion GmbH, a startup from Mannheim, is now creating a platform dedicated to esports at, with the motto “Your Game Your Money”.

Maxi Players

The shift from gaming as a hobby to a professional career is still an unfulfilled dream for many talented gamers. If you are not already a part of a renowned esports team, it is difficult to get on the ever-developing esports stage. FlyLion GmbH, a Mannheim startup and the developer of, has noticed the problem and would like to offer ambitious gamers the possibility to use the skills they have been honing for years. The cooperation with Bülent Kaya, an internet entrepreneur, resulted in the creation of a modern platform that makes it possible to engage in esports and earn real money.

Well-earned money

Maxi Players is a place for both PC gamers as well as those that prefer current-gen or last-gen consoles: the PS4/5 and the Xbox One/Series X or S. It unites passionate gamers and provides them with a platform for exciting esports competitions to participate in. The platform supports popular competitive online games – shooters such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, but also other classics, including the FIFA series or League of Legends. Maxi Players gives both beginners and veterans a chance to test and develop their skills. The cash offered to the winner serves as additional motivation and as a reward for the endless hours of disciplined trainings and hard work. Thanks to regularly scheduled competitions and professional events, ensures continuity and provides the community with optimal competitive conditions.

May the best player win

Maxi PlayersTo make real money esports a possibility, players pay an entry fee for each tournament they want to participate in organized on the platform. The money serves as a reward for the winning side, reduced by a percentage charged by the platform’s operator. Contrary to gambling, player results depend only on player performance. In competitive matches, it all comes down to skills, abilities and the right tactics to defeat the opponent. As such, it is worth to regularly participate in esports tournaments to compete with other players as frequently as possible.

On the way to a successful sports career

Maxi Players does even more to bring esports outside of its niche and into the spotlight, making it more accessible to players worldwide. The aim is to increase awareness, which translates to more interest, leading to a bigger number of tournaments and better prize pools, even outside professional leagues. The platform is becoming a sports arena and a gathering place for all players that want to develop their beloved hobby. As a young startup, FlyLion GmbH is characterized by courage, creativity, modern and innovative concepts and solutions. These are the keys to success in an industry that is constantly evolving. The company’s stable development guarantees that the platform is always up to date and conforms to the highest standards, providing an optimal environment for its users.

Experience esports in a new way

Maxi Players – Your Game Your Money – allows video game fans to experience esports in a completely new way. An ambitious community with a common goal is born. Esports no longer has to hide behind more established sports competitions and should be made available to a wide audience. Great monetary prizes, professional structures and regular competitions serve as the proper enticement for all players that want to take their hobby to the next level. The platform went online in January 2021 and all players can now discover the many exciting features has to offer. Here, players will also find the right contact person if they have any specific questions regarding the offer.