SiGMA website is now available in Thai as 8th language launches

The addition of Thai to the website will be followed by Korean and Japanese in the next few weeks

The Thai language will now be an official language on the website, the company has announced. The language is the 8th new language for the website following the recent launch of Hindi last week and is part of a strategy to offer content in 10 key languages.

Users can now find all content, including the SiGMA News website, in Thai. The latest addition to SiGMA’s portfolio of languages will run alongside the recently launched Hindi, French, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese content and upcoming languages; Japanese and Korean.

The language choice reflects the growing potential for development, as Southeast Asia’s gaming industry continues to show long-term promises of growth. Thailand’s mobile market is currently at the height of popularity, making it a significant contributor as the region’s fastest growing mobile games market.

With three major shows in the works, SiGMA News is designed to complement a high-growth gambling industry, as well as SiGMA’s commitment to a more global and connected future.

SiGMA’s upcoming event SiGMA/AIBC Asia will unite the leading minds in this sector for a discussion on regulatory frameworks, economic development and the creation of new opportunities for businesses looking to invest across the continent.

“SiGMA is now present in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It has morphed into more than just an events company, SiGMA is also a strong media company, with a team of content creators pushing out content 24/7 – not only in English but in multiple, relevant languages. We believe gaming is truly becoming global,” said SiGMA Group founder Eman Pulis.

In addition to the main site, the company also runs a comprehensive news website, SiGMA News. An in-house team of writers and translators provide up-to-the-minute global coverage across all 8 languages.

The SiGMA content team is made up of highly proficient native speakers, who understand the dynamics of the language and its value to the client. The quality of writing and the clarity of message remains of the highest priority. Spanning verticals from responsible gambling and eSports to Deep Tech and online gaming, the news portal offers in-depth coverage of the gaming and tech industries.

The company also has plans to launch further languages in the coming weeks, with Korean, and Japanese in the pipeline.

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