Hellenic Casino Corfu chooses myACP system

The latest installation of the myACP Casino Management System went live on October 28th at the Casino Corfu in Greece.

myACP Casino Management System

Corfu Island is one of the favourite destinations for tourists travelling the Greek islands and famous for its unique traditions. Geographically, it is the northernmost and second largest of the Ionian Islands. Its capital city Corfu is the home of the Casino Corfu.

The recently renovated Casino Corfu is part of the Greek Vivere Entertainment Group operating three casinos across Greece. Casino Rio near Patras, Casino Thraki in Alexandroupoli and Casino Corfu each present innovative gaming technologies and state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees premium gaming entertainment for tourists and locals.

Logo NovomaticCasino Corfu is located at the ground floor of the 5-star Hotel Corfu Palace in the city of Corfu, just 5 minutes from the well-known Liston plaza, and overlooking Garitsa Bay. The Hotel complex was built in 1954 by the famous Greek architect Perikles A. Sakellarios and welcomes guests with a marvellous blend of lofty Ionian architecture and luxurious marble elegance.

The casino management is fully committed to a hospitality concept that combines international casino atmosphere with unsurpassed Greek service quality. It attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of the service, reliability of the game transactions for both slots and tables and maintaining a strong bond with the customers through a dedicated marketing and loyalty program.

In line with this constant pursuit of maximum facilitation of the customer journey and operational optimization, the casino management decided to implement the myACP Casino Management System across the gaming floor. The system went live in Corfu with the core Accounting, Control and Progressives modules as well as Player Tracking and Loyalty Club, Cashless and Live Gaming modules. As a central management, processing and reporting tool, it fully satisfies the latest compliance and reporting requirements of the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

Casino CorfuA total of 111 slot machines and 15 live gaming tables are managed via the myACP system, enabling not only a centralized floor management but also smooth analysis and fully automated reporting processes in real time. The Cashless operation additionally helps reduce cash traffic within the casino, instead promoting secure cashless transactions and thus supporting the management’s complex set of safeguarding measures and strenuous efforts against the spread of COVID-19. The myACP Player Tracking and Loyalty Club employ targeted marketing activities via the promotional module and various customer-centric features that are seamlessly integrated with the cashless functionality.

Konstantinos Piladakis, CEO and Managing Partner of Vivere Entertainment Group, said: “The myACP system installation proves that in spite of the difficult economical and travel situation this year, the group’s vision for excellence in customer services and constant investment in leading gaming technologies will cement our position of one of the major casino operators in the region.”

Asterios Papaoikonomou, Director of Hellenic Casino Corfu, added: “The comprehensiveness of its functionalities, multiple modern features and the powerful architecture of the myACP Casino Management System make it an ideal tool to successfully navigate casino operations in dealing with the new industry challenges.”

“The uncertainties brought by the pandemic have shaped lots of businesses worldwide, especially in the land-based sector, but NOVOMATIC stays strong as ever and consistent with its superior product and customer support. Therefore, the recent myACP system installation in Greece adds value not only to our Casino Management System solution, but also to the brand,” said Sonya Nikolova, VP Sales Asia & Africa and myACP System Europe.