Genting poised for closures

The downturn in the casino industry is poised to claim another two victims after Genting Stanley said it was considering closing premises in Luton and Bristol.

The company, bought by Malaysian-based Genting in 2006 in the expectation of a government-led expansion of the industry, said more than 120 jobs were at risk as it reviewed manpower across its 46 UK casinos.

Closure of the Mint in Luton and the Triangle in Bristol would bring the number of recent closures to nine, as the industry bears the brunt of increased gaming duty, the consumer downturn, the smoking ban and the loss of lucrative gaming machines.

Peter Brookes, executive deputy chairman, said: „It is ironic that the government allowed us all to believe they were going to encourage the gaming industry to be a launch pad for regeneration, when in fact they introduced new levels of tax that are making a major contribution to the serious pressures the industry now faces.“