Master Classics of Poker 2002 in Holland Casino Amsterdam

Ein Artikel von Wolfgang Pilecki

Master Classics of Poker 2002 in Holland Casino Amsterdam – the most successful european pokertournament did better than highest expectations.

With a stunning record of 198 gamblers joining the Lido tournament and a total of 630,000,- EUR pot money this years tournament exceeded most cunning expectations of players and Holland Casino Management.

The concept, a mixture of the concepts used at the most successful tournament, extra pot money for ranks 19 – 30 (their buy-in prices), professional management and a nice atmosphere, worked all the way. Every tournament of this event was sold out. Every player wanted to be at the first ranks, receiving a share of the 1,448,000,- EUR pot money for the event. This wasn’t made easy by the professional pokerplayers that joined in from all over the world.

The happier the winners were as they made a deal to devide the winning prices after 20 hours of solid poker. The winners were 1st Angelo Ju Zuoping, Italy, 2nd Johann Storakes, Sweden, 3rd Rino Mathis (Swiss) and 4th Martin Pollak from Austria.
At Friday the 8th at the Texas Hold’em No Limit with a 820,- EUR buy-in and the possibility of a rebuy (119 occurred) a new 220 gamblers wanted „their“ share of the pot money worth € 280,000. Mickey Finn, UK, got a third place leaving behind Isabelle Mercier, France. Koray Saka, Sweden, demonstrated that poker is not simply gambling, when he won yet again the master classics of poker 2002.

The crown of this blasting week of tournaments was the Omaha Pot Limit tournament. Buy-ins were 320,- EUR and with a 354 rebuys, the pot money reached 175,800,- EUR.

Sean Cole, USA went to the final rounds with about 75% of all jetons.

Joseph Nougeim was not really impressed by this, and went for a jetonfight with Mr Cole. At last, Mr Nougeim won the Omaha Pot Limit.

We want to congratulate all winners and would like to see you all return to master classic of poker 2003 in Amsterdam 1st November – 8th November 2003.