Taiwan president-elect favors local govt licensing of offshore gaming

Taipei (XFN-ASIA) – Ma Ying-jeou, who is due to take office as president on May 20, is in favor of allowing local governments in the offshore islands to issue gaming licenses if they so choose, the Economic Daily News reported.

Subject to parliament passing the necessary amendments, his administration is ready grant such licensing authority to local governments in the islands, Ma said during a visit to Penghu in the Taiwan Strait.

Ma added that Makung airport in the Penghu island chain will be among the first to be opened for direct flights with China.

The Penghu county government is encouraged to attract tourists from southern China’s Fujian province, with the first batch possibly to arrive in July, he added.

A key campaign pledge of the incoming president is the launch of weekend charter flights between Taiwan and China, expanding from the current practice of offering such services only on major holidays.