594.000 Euro pot money with Lido Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker tournament

Ein Artikel von Wolfgang Pilecki

198 players gambled in the so called King’s Category at the 6th of November at Lido Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker tournament for prices worth 594.000,- EUR. The winner of this inofficial european championship event drew about 250.000,- EUR.

Holland Casinos in Amsterdam can be proud indeed to have increased the number of players by about 50% compared with last year. 36.000,- EUR extra pot money, satelites, and one-hand-satelites were the gamble worth. Every member of the tournament received a shirt with „I played one-hand-satelite“ printed on the front, which was a very good idea.

History of the tournament so far: Kirril Gersasimow (Russia) wins the Texas Holém Limit tournament leaving second place for Eddy Scharf from Germany.

Some 179.000,- EUR pot money were to be won at the Omaha Pot Limit Turnier the 4th of November.

Simon Hennessy from the UK looses All In against Steven Liu and gaines third spot. Winner becomes O. Halland from Norway, who had to share his first price with Steven Liu.
The pot money for the Texas Hold’em No Limit, the 5th of November was 101.000,- EUR. Mr. L. Saka from Sweden won 39.996,- EUR. Mr. M. Pollakaus from Austria wins 19.998,- EUR for second place.

The first three tournaments were completely sold out with 220 gamblers each. Every gambler joining in for the tournament greeted the excellent structure and the great pot money.

Both of these and the enormous atmosphere in the Casino will make sure that next year even more gamblers will join in for the event.