Vladivostok is Likely to Lose Gambling Area

Vladivostok is likely to lose gambling areas in Russkiy Island. The Head of Russian Union of Manufactures and Businessmen (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin offered to put off construction of gambling areas in Russia for 5 years, no less. „Time fixed by law is very strict and the law can’t come into force on July 1, 2009,“ he said, as „Gazette“ reports.

„It’s impossible to build casinos and hotels, in particular, preparation for Olympic Games in Sochi and APEC Summit needs a lot of time for infrastructure construction.“

According to the RSPP Head, „it will take no less than 5 years to prepare transfer of gambling establishments.“ Moreover, as the RSPP Head thinks, it’s necessary to move Krasnodar Territory gambling area to another region. „It’s impossible to build Las Vegas along with Olympic units in Sochi,“ he said. „It’s very hard for infrastructure.“

According to him, the same thing is with gambling area in the Far East because there will be preparation for APEC Summit 2012 there. „The idea of isolated gambling areas is good but we should build them in other regions,“ Shokhin thinks. The law on gambling areas came into force last January 1. He speaks about construction of four gambling areas – in Kaliningrad Area, Altai and Primorsky Territories, and between Rostov Area and Krasnodar Territory. Transfer of casinos should be finished by July 1, 2009.

Before the Primorsky Territory Governor Sergey Darkin said that planned gambling area in Russkiy Island (Vladivostok) will become „an anchor“ for investors. Sergey Darkin said to the journalists that he isn’t fond of gambling but supports the project of gambling area construction in the Territory. According to him, gambling areas in the whole world are transformed into entertainment areas.