No announcing – no living ISA-CASINOS is charged for the future

This knowledge is as old as business, but a lot of companies doing business in the Internet deny this rule of thumb. In Germany, the online marketing industry grows annually by hundreds of millions of Euros.

No marketing reduction in the Internet is to be seen. The German market for online marketing and announcements booms: From January until September some 174.7 million Euro were paid for Internet announcements, a growth rate of 12.6% compared with the same period the year before. During the last 5 years the growth rate was about 175%, in 1996 the online marketing industry was worth about 3 million Euros.

According to Nielsen Media Research on monday, starting March 2002 more money is being paid for online marketing comparing with the year before. The Internet becomes the bigger player for announcements fighting off standard media such as print, radio and television. For those 3 medias, there is an actual downfall when it comes to announcements: reduction by about 5.6% to 11.6 billion Euros. Starting January the online marketing industry gained about 5.4%.

According to the latest statistics, some 50 million domains are registered. Every second household as well as almost every company has a connection to the Internet. The number of Internet users has grown rapidly. In the forthcoming months, this number will exceed 1 billion people.

Product information and announcements through the World Wide Web will play a big role for every entrepreneur in terms of information and time efficiency, economy and entertainment.

The user trend shows that dedicated sites are being called for. This type of sites gives the user the least problems in finding the most contacts being very cost and communication effective.

The rule of thumb for good Internet sites is:

Everything directly reported in a quick, intuitive manner without the need for searching. Direct web sites on topics as Entertainment, Events, games, news, forums, and chats do draw a lot of users. A good mixture of articles, such as found on web portals, record a lot of visits from all over the world.

Nobody goes to the company directly anymore, but uses web portals to find the information she needs, without the need to search through a number a companies and products. This job is already done by the people behind the portals.

Especially, in Europe, the online casino business profits from this type of behaviour, as a lot of entertainment is given to the User in a sophisticated, and close-to-real-time way.

The information pool of ISA-CASINOS, for example, is used from within 40 countries. Schools, universities, print media companies and people that are interested browse on a daily basis through the archives for news articles. Every other second, a visitor from around the globe hits the ISA-CASINOS web site. It became the biggest web site in Europe. The numbers of hits, between 3.5 and 4.3 million hits, do speak a clear message as to the importance of entertainment marketing in the Internet.

A lot of Casinos in Germany as well as in other European countries, are registered with the ISA-CASINOS web portal as media oriented and innovative marketing companions to join in for this new marketing industry.

Now that the German 24 hours news channel,, has registered, the ISA-CASINOS web portal also provides for the latest in politics, economy, sports and weather being updated every 60 seconds.

ISA-CASINOS is strongly attached to this new way of marketing, and high charged since it reports close to real time about Casino news. The information mentality in modern society is an ongoing process to which the ISA-CASINOS web portal is closely attached.

ISA-CASINOS web portal also offers marketing banners and links for other companies to announce their products.

Talk to the people you want to reach, by contacting the ISA-CASINOS chief editor Reinhold Schmitt.