US legalized Internet gambling gains influential support

Congressman George Miller, Chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee has become the latest congressman to sign up to Republican Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, a bill that was introduced last year to create an exemption to the current ban on online gambling for properly licensed operators.

Congressman Miller is a member of the Democratic Leadership and chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, and has been responsible for helping Democrats to develop and implement a wide range of policies. He has a long record of legislative achievements and is a leading advocate in Congress on education, labour, the economy and the environment.

The endorsement of Congressman Miller adds to the debate surrounding online gaming in the U.S and the implementation of the UIGEA, which avoids the question of online gaming’s legality and instead places the liability on US financial institutions.

The Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act, a companion bill to the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, introduced by U.S representative Jim McDermott would establish a licensing and enforcement framework for regulated Internet gambling in the U.S. A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that between USD 8.7 billion to USD 42.8 billion could be generated from tax revenues alone within its first 10 years of inception.

The bill would allow Americans to lawfully bet online while licensing and regulating online gaming operators to protect consumers from problem gambling, and to combat money laundering and fraud.

„The endorsement of this key legislation by Congressman Miller, one of the most influential leaders on Capitol Hill, further demonstrates the growing support for regulated Internet gambling,“ said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative.

„We expect continuing momentum in Congress as more people realize that the current approach to prohibit Internet gambling is a failure. Rather than leave consumers vulnerable in an underground, uncontrolled marketplace, regulation of Internet gambling would protect consumers and generate billions in revenue needed for critical government programs.“