Atlantic City casinos could be in line for legalized sports gambling

Sports gambling could be the answer for casinos in Atlantic City. The question would be how to help revenue in the city’s casino. Legislators have once again started discussions to legalize sports gambling in Atlantic City. The discussions have taken place several times in the past, but never has legislation been passed.

With the struggles the country is having with the economy, legalizing gambling on sports in Atlantic City casinos would be a sufficient way to raise revenue. Last year, the city’s casinos watched as revenue did not increase for the first time in nearly thirty years.

An Assembly committee will discuss legislation that could end up with voters having the final say as to whether casinos would soon be allowed to offer the sports gambling.

„New Jersey must take every step to control illegal sports betting rings. Those efforts should include the establishment of a legal, regulated mechanism for law abiding people to place wagers on professional sporting competitions. Atlantic City is the right atmosphere for such an enterprise, and the state of New jersey should fully explore this option,“ said Lou Greenwald, the assembly Budget Chairman.

The state could possibly bring in almost USD 8 million in annual casino tax revenue if sports gambling is legalized. That is according to proponents of the idea.